Swimming Pool Opening

Swimming Pool Opening Packages

Terranova Pools offers a variety of pool opening packages, including our unbeatable Full Service Pool Opening Package, so you have the option to choose the services you need without overpaying for the ones you don’t!


Our listed prices apply to pools sized 18′ x 36′ or smaller and cover up to 1 skimmer, 1 pump, 1 heater, 1 filter, and 3 returns. Additional charges will be incurred for larger pools or those with extra features such as Waterfalls, Spas, Deck Jets, etc. To view these extra charges, click on “Book Now.”

Please be aware that after the pool opening, it may not be immediately ready for swimming, as additional cleaning and/or chemical balancing may be necessary. These services will be billed separately and additional visits may be required.

  • We do not assume responsibility for any pets escaping from the backyard. For safety reasons, keep all pets indoors during our visit. 
  • Ensure all necessary equipment, such as ladders, drop-in steps, diving boards, etc., is readily available. 
  • Provide access to a garden hose with running water and outdoor electricity. 
  • Ensure the gate is unlocked or a code has been provided to the office during the booking process. 
  • Double-check the gate before releasing your pets once our technician has departed.