Full Service Pool Opening Package With Safety Cover

$0.00 HST

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    Desired Closing Booking Date (If Applicable)

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Included Services:

  • Removing, cleaning, and folding the pool cover
  • Scrubbing the waterline
  • Removing all winterizing materials, such as foam rope and plugs
  • Re-installing ladders, diving boards, and other deck equipment
  • Initiating the pool-filling process
  • Checking and starting up pool equipment. If the water level is too low, the system will be tested and left off.
  • Activating and reassembling the filter system with a visual inspection for leaks
  • Pool heater start-up performed by a certified gas technician
  • Shocking the water with chlorine
  • ***Vacuuming is not included in our opening packages, and water balancing is not part of the service.

For safety reasons, we avoid leaving hoses unattended in pools. Hence, it is the customer’s responsibility to finalize the pool filling up to the designated water level (top of the skimmer mouth opening) once the crew has departed.

Upon submitting this form, our office will contact you by email to confirm the date of your selected pool opening date.  A credit card may be required to secure your booking.

Please note pools with green or brown water may require additional maintenance visits before becoming suitable for use.


Our Pool Opening Services anticipates the removal of no more than two (2) bags of debris or leaves from your pool.  The elimination of extra debris is liable to an additional labor fee of $20.00/bag + HST.

In the event that a flaw with your liner or equipment is detected during the pool opening, hindering the completion of the service, the cost of a pool cover removal will be applied for the work performed up to that stage.

If your pool heater encounters difficulty in starting up, a separate visit will be necessary to diagnose the issue.  The service call fee for the heater is $195.00 + HST.