Pool Closing

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    *Desired Closing Date

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  • Pools are closed AS-IS.
  • Vacuuming is NOT included – request must be made during booking (additional $115 per hour).
  • Drain water level appropriately.
  • Remove scum line.
  • Remove skimmer basket, circulation equipment eyeballs, etc.
  • Blow out lines then foam rope installed in skimmer and winterizing antifreeze added into pipes if necessary.
  • Step ladders removed and bolts greased.
  • Install winter cover & water bags (if applicable).
  • Winterize pool mechanical system: pool pump, filter, heater (if applicable). The salt cell can be removed and placed in desired location upon customer request.
  • Place pool deck accessories in your desired location (If requested by the customer; otherwise all deck equipment except for the ladder will be left installed).

What you should have ready for us

  • Cover, water bags, plugs and foam rope ready for closing date
  • Access to outdoor electricity.
  • Garden hose with running water
  • Make sure gate is unlocked or code was provided to the office during booking
  • All pets must be in the house. We are not responsible for pets running out of the backyard if they were not put in the house. Please double check your gate prior to letting your pets out once the technician has left.

Once you submit this form our staff will verify availability on your preferred date(s) and contact you by phone to confirm the date and time. A credit card will be required to lock in your booking.
Note: Your pool must already be filled with water when the technician arrives to start up equipment.